La Sgura


Tel: +39 041 40 32 32
Address: Chioggia, Fondamenta Marangoni 1295
Closed: Mondays

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fish will be good in Chioggia, still the base of many local fishermen and a two hour ferry ride from Venice. La Sgura bears out the reputation both for freshness and good value.

On a quiet canal side parallel with Chioggia’s main street, Il Corso del Popolo, it has tables inside and out depending on your taste. There are some dishes here to test the most knowledgeable traveller – such as cicale, which translate as locusts or grasshoppers, but (luckily for the faint-hearted) are actually a type of large shrimp.

The sarde in soar were not as good as I’ve had elsewhere but the turbot was out of this world. Marinated whole (it was a small one) and then grilled, it was perfection. Pasta was also good (and substantial) and there is an excellent torta della nonna, one of those Italian staples that can be ambrosial or rather dull, depending on the cook. This one, with masses of lemon, was the former.

The only real downside to this restaurant is that the shutters come down at 3pm sharp, whether or not you’ve finished your meal. Inexpensive, credit cards accepted.