Alle Zattere

Tel: +39 041 704 224 / 520 4224
Address: Rio Terra Foscarini, Dorsoduro 795
Notes: Closed Tuesday
Tables outside? Yes

When the sun’s out there’s nowhere more pleasant to have a long lunch than Alle Zattere, looking across the Giudecca Canal. This restaurant and pizzeria has smartened up a lot in recent years – the tables and chairs just outside the restaurant are now almost chic, and the terrace hanging over the water has a very impressive retractable canopy to allow shade or protection from rain as required.

The menu however doesn’t try to be smart. This is basic food, with all the standard Italian / Venetian classics at a reasonable price. Lasagne is good and creamy, pasta well prepared with some interesting options involving prawns (mostly around €12).

The pizze are particularly good, however (€7 – €12). The base is excellent (just the right crunch and thickness), the mozzarella very creamy, the tomatoes very flavourful. There is a decent selection and you can add extra toppings for €1.50. I recommend adding onions to the Diavola.

House red is pinot nero della Venezia and comes in bottles rather than carafes – at €12.50 a bottle it’s more expensive than most house wine, but it’s good. The white is also highly drinkable.

Service is efficient and friendly, as long as you avoid the one waiter with a face like thunder. He’s been there for years and he does smile at some people – but not many.

It may be mostly a tourist restaurant, but Alle Zattere doesn’t rip you off, and the view is great.