La Moretta

Tel: +39 06 686 1900
Address: Via Monserrato, 158 (Piazza della Moretta)
Closed: Sundays

At one end of Via Monserrato is the elegant Piazza Farnese, and at the other is Piazza Moretta, which is much more workmanlike and has a huge crest of the reigning football champions, AS Roma, painted on the pavement. Ristorante la Moretta is also fairly workmanlike, and none the worse for that.

Known for its fresh fish, La Moretta has a wide selection of dishes in addition, including bresaola and excellent grilled vegetables as antipasti, a good range of pasta including a personal favourite, orrechiette (‘little ears’) con broccoli, and meat dishes such as fegato alla Veneziana (very tender liver with onions).

Puddings are mostly of the bought-in sorbet variety (lemon, coconut etc) but there are a few house specialities such as torta della nonna, the classic tart with pine nuts.

You know you’re not at the top end of the range when the house wine comes in screw top bottles, but it was good. The grappa was even better – a surprisingly refined and tasty version. We were already beginning to like this place a lot when our views were cemented by the waiter. Initially slightly cold, he had obviously warmed to us by the end of the meal and when one of the party – a connoisseur – requested a whisky, but rejected the available brand, he returned with a glass of his own J&B, for which he would accept no payment. Can you see that happening in England? No, nor can I. Not surprisingly, this restaurant goes on the list for a repeat visit when what’s needed is a simple, inexpensive meal in pleasant surroundings.