The Pink Flamingo


Tel: +33 (0)1 42 02 31 70
Address: 67 rue Bichat, 75010 Paris
Cuisine Type: Pizza

The Pink Flamingo has two branches – one located just west of La Republique and known as the Canal branch, the second in The Marais. We ate at the Canal branch, in the 10th arrondisement. Walking down the start of rue Bichat from Rue du Faubourg du Temple, you initially pass a lot of scruffy doorways and loitering launderette groups, but halfway up the street suddenly becomes more lively with several bistros and cafes.

There was no name plate outside the restaurant, but it was relatively easy to spot because of the bright pink statue of its name-sake hanging outside. The restaurant is divided into two dining areas (with two separate front doors) not accessible to each other without actually going outside. We pre-booked, and several single tables had been pushed together to accommodate 14 with no problem. At 8pm on a weekday we were the only diners, but by the time we left both sections had filled up.

The Pink Flamingo’s motto is that they are ‘not like the others’. They specialise in unusual pizzas, but salads and soups are also available.

Pizzas start from €10.50 for tomato, mozzarella and basil, with the priciest being green chicken curry pizza, or the ‘paella’ topped with chicken, mussels, prawns, chorizo and peas served on creamed tomato with saffron. There was a fairly wide vegetarian selection including The Aphrodite, a vegan option topped with grilled aubergine, red peppers and humous. As a group, we ordered a selection of different pizzas including the a rocket and parmesan option, La Cantona (8 cheeses) and the Ghandi (spinach cooked with Indian spices plus a ‘caviar’ of aubergines cooked in lemon, sesame and garlic). As we were in the right-hand room however, we had to physically leave the restaurant via the front door and go into the left-hand room to place our orders. Most of the food came relatively quickly, although the Aphrodites took considerably longer. Because we had ordered 11 pizzas to share, this was not too problematic but could have been annoying if everyone had ordered a separate individual dish. The food was tasty, and it was different to be able to sample something other than the usual traditional Italian-style toppings on a pizza.

There is a relatively small wine list, and most of the labels named were totally unknown. We chose a house red with a relatively strong taste that could have been unpleasant had it not been somewhat disguised by the fact it accompanied food. We did however feel at €15 per bottle that this was overpriced and relatively poor quality.

The main dessert appeared to be chocolate mousse, which none of us were still hungry or eager enough to sample.

Once we had finished eating, it was easy to attract the waiting staff by returning to the other room to request the bill, which then came very fast. Eleven pizzas between 13 people was enough food, and came to €13 each including drinks. Because of the unusual choice of pizza, this is somewhere I might consider coming again, if I was near Republique or close to their other branch in The Marais. I doubt however that I would make a special effort to trek across town, unless for instance I was eating in a large group since we were so easily accommodated.