Le Bistrot de Camille


Tel: +33 1 40 93 46 08
Address: 92, rue Camille Desmoulins – 92130 Issy Les Moulineaux
Cuisine Type: French
RER: C, ISSY Val de Seine

After your visit to the Versailles Castle, take some time to enjoy a lovely bistrot on your way back to the Eiffel Tower. I’ve been working at Issy for a couple of months, and I solemnly declare that Le Bistrot de Camille was an appreciated gastronomic haven for starving workaholics.

The set is quite typical of a Parisian bistrot with a friendly and rather quick service. The menu is calligraphed on blackboards and updated according to the chef’s daily mood. My hot favourite meals : hot goat cheese salad, goat cheese puffs with fresh tomato sauce, tender salmon steak on a leek bed, chocolate tart. Indulging yourself a special to your diet for their crème brûlée is essential. I personally believe that you will simply leave the diet for another week or two, to perform a more thorough study of the menu.

As you probably noticed, I have a slight tendency to praise heavily the restaurants I like. But considering : a) the number of people I took there, b) the percentage of those who didn’t love either the food or the service or both is negative (!), c) the sincerity of your dear editor, the only conclusion to draw is that it’s a good choice !

You end up with a relatively small bill (£12) and a contented stomach. Last tip: as soon as you get there, you’d better reserve your dessert (presented to the world on a tray next to the bar), since the French may well not leave you a single crumb!