Tel: +33 1 45 62 94 00
Address: Saveurs & Terroir, 36, rue du Colisée – 75008 Paris
Cuisine Type: French

I’ve been there with some good friends, I’ve been there with my classmates, I’ve been there for lunch, I’ve been there for dinner and guess what ? We all LOVE the place. I asked one day a colleague of mine if she knew any good restaurant where I could take a friend before a party. And she didn’t hesitate more than a second : Escrouzailles is an association of four restaurants which also sell some typical South West of France cuisine ingredients (goose fat, dried mushrooms, canned duck in goose fat to be roasted, and some other marvellous stuff). I said association and not chain, because Escrouzailles has nothing to do with a chain restaurant.

The waiters are friendly and pleasant, but not intrusive. Let me give a more structured shape to my enthusiasm: this place is remarkable thanks to three main assets.

Simplicity: a three course menu and a single price – £12 (wine excl.). The menu is updated on a very regular basis, and the chef adapts his menu to seasons with the same gifted inspiration.

Quality: fried home-made goose liver, tuna carpaccio with sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil, confit de canard (conserve of duck in its fat, gently roasted, served with sliced potatoes – fried in duck fat too). Desserts are definitely not the weak side in the menu : the Marquise au chocolat (dangerously yummy chocolate cake with custard), or the strawberry soup with mint and vervain sorbet are simply fantastic.

Originality: a very delicate appetiser I had once was a raw queen scallop soup with grapefruit and vinegar, which lovely combined the acidity of vinegar and grapefruit and the aromas of seafood. I am sorry to keep on teasing you with such a list, but what is essential to me in a restaurant is definitely food. And this place is certainly not the least agreeable My hot favourite main course is called Croustillant Quercynois. Quercy belongs to the South-west of France, where goose and duck indisputably rule over local cuisine. This recipe is an assortment of sliced potatoes fried in duck’s fat, duck’s liver and roasted then crumbled duck confit, with a fantastic creamy sauce based on… duck liver of course. It ends up being crusty and tender at the same time, smelling really good, and tasting even better.

For those who have small appetites, just avoid the place. For the others, enjoy.