The Edge


Tel: +44 (0)20 7439 1313
Address: 11 Soho Square, London W1D 3QE
Cuisine Type: lunches, snacks, comfort food!
nearest tube station Leicester Square (PICCADILLY, NORTHERN)

Observing Soho Square like some indulgent nanny sits The Edge, an established gay venue comprised of a bar/bistro of four floors, featuring function rooms, a cafe/bar area and the downstairs bar, inside of which sit thirtysomething boys and their boy-toys, sipping G&Ts and assorted bottled beers. It’s also the home of, and on the upper level cafe/bar we have the concept of this service explained to us by the co-owners Simon (the webmaster part of the team) and Lucy, who doubles up as head chef of The Edge.

Their vision was to create a takeaway and delivery service aimed at business types, whether they are entertaining clients at their own offices, requiring a fresh and wholesome lunch delivered to their desks or even if they wish to entertain at their own homes. This delivery service goes two steps further than most – it can come complete with a cordon bleu chef to your own home – a wonder who will even wash the dishes for you afterwards – and a website for ease of ordering.

Furthermore, unlike most takeaway and delivery services, will supply almost literally anything you want, from canapés to home made Bailey’s ice cream, via lunch-type pasta dishes and salads. Nothing is too large – or too small.

Lucy Warrick has a passion for food and radiates enthusiasm for being a cook. She’s been a chef and in charge of her own business for two decades, working for more than 14 years in Sydney. She comes to London with an eclectic repertoire of dishes for a menu that changes every month. The food is substantial of portion and appetising in presentation. It’s not haute cuisine, but then it isn’t meant to be. Starters that would double as main courses for many include very fresh deep fried mushrooms and a delicious selection of olives, or potato wedges with melted cheese. Main courses (at around £5-£6) are a mixture of pasta dishes with some oriental influences – I had a very filling egg fried rice with vegetables. Puddings, reasonably priced at around £2.40, include cheesecake and ice cream, all home made; and these certainly please the palate.

Even on a Monday night, the clientele and acoustics conspired to offer us a noise level which became grating after a short time, taking some of the pleasure away from the evening. But one of the most useful things about The Edge is that it continues to serve both food and drink long after most bars in this supposedly cosmopolitan city have closed their shutters – so if you’re looking for a late night snack head for Soho Square. And after all, if you are ordering from’s delivery service, the acoustics of The Edge are really of no consequence. With, Lucy and Simon have created an effortless food ordering process for virtually any occasion – and one that will ensure you needn’t jostle for a seat in The Edge.