The Bridge

Tel: +44 (0)20 8563 9811
Address: 204 Castlenau, Barnes SW13 9DW
Cuisine Type: European
nearest tube station Hammersmith (DISTRICT, PICCADILLY AND HAMMERSMITH & CITY)

Having passed this place on the bus a few times, we often wondered what it was like. Finally, on a whim, we decided to give it a try. Although in the genre of a gastropub, dining room is actually a better description. You enter via the long bar with comfy bench seating and make your way towards the dining room in the conservatory. A table by the window with high back leather seats beckoned us.

The warm burgundy walls and earthy tones were brought to life with the subtle orange lighting; the owners have done a great job in creating a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Our table faced the newly constructed patio come beer garden (I heard a rumour that there will be BBQs here in the summer – I certainly hope that’s true!) A group of drinkers braved the chill in the air and lasted about 15 minutes; well, it did look very inviting with all the new tables and designer timber decking, so I couldn’t blame them for indulging a little.

The menu offered the usual type of gastro fare and, of course, it was a difficult choice. My partner’s long business lunch and my new found dieting regime (bad move!) meant we had to put all the delectable starters out of our minds. We opted for bread and olives and were not disappointed. Breads included walnut, sun-dried tomato and chilli served with olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar. And for a person that doesn’t really eat olives, I couldn’t stop picking at them!

For main course, my partner chose the Côte du Boeuf and quote “this is, by far, the best cooked medium rare steak I have had in this country!” I chose the corn-fed chicken breast served with a rocket and bean salad instead of the risotto, my other choice. Our waitress could not speak highly enough of the chicken dish and I had to agree with her. A perfectly chilled white South African Chenin Blanc complemented our meal.

Service was a little slow but improved throughout the meal. It was slightly annoying that we were given our main courses before we had finished our bread, but then, technically, bread wasn’t really a starter. And as the staff were so nice, I forgave them.

Our bill came to around £57 including tip but realistically I imagine it would be closer to £70 for two if we had indulged a bit further. Still, when my partner said a couple of days later “I wonder if the menu has changed; can we go back?”, I have to admit I had a bit of a chuckle because I secretly had the same thoughts…

– Rosalind Hughes, 4/2003