Tel: +44 (0)20 7534 7000
Address: 20 Savile Row, W1S 3PR
Cuisine Type: Italian
nearest tube station Oxford Circus

Shopping can be an exhausting activity. Meandering the streets of London’s most famous shopping district can build up quite a sweat and certainly an appetite. Too many restaurants around this area just offer a quick bite without any consideration for the customer. But if you want to be taken care of in sumptuous surroundings, then Sartoria can do the job.

Sartoria sits on the most bespoke road in London, Savile Row, quietly and without any fuss. The venue is divided into a fantastic bar area and a chic minimalist restaurant. The bar bubbles with vivacity and is great for after work drinks, whereas the restaurant is more for a special meal with the staff at hand to cater to your every need. The mood in the restaurant is one of calm bliss. Every member of staff is highly professional and knowledgeable and their acute politeness is a great asset.

It’s a challenge to choose which wonderful dishes to try. There’s a special menu that changes each month, concentrating on a different region of Italy, so you can experience a selection of authentic regional dishes without leaving the comfort of London. It’s equally tough to make a decision from the à la carte menu. The dishes are all tempting, a blend between traditional and new methods.

To ensure that you have the full culinary journey at Sartoria, get a mix of everything and share it with your dining partner. This means you get to try every delicious aspect of the carefully constructed menu. An absolute must have is the Capaccio battuta Fassone (£12.50). Delicate shaves of beef and parmesan blend with the creamy sauce and peppery rocket. The beef just melts in your mouth and is wonderful. As with all Italian food, the dishes are simple, but the quality of the ingredients transforms the dish into something exquisite.

A good test of any Italian restaurant is its pasta and risotto. Sartoria excel in both of these areas. The pasta is made on site and you can tell when you sample it, as it is as authentic as you are going to get without hopping on a plane to Italy. In particular the ravioli (£12) is a real treat. Also the wild mushroom risotto (£12) has plump, tender mushrooms with a luxuriant and glossy sauce. The Dolcetto d’Alba (£12 a glass) paired with it enhances the complex flavours of the risotto.

The meat and fish section of the menu is where Sartoria really shines. The signature dish of roasted monkfish (£24) wrapped in crispy parma ham with an onion chutney is an inspired creation. The combination of all the textures and flavours are phenomenal, particularly when paired with the Vernaccia ‘Karmis’.

If you speak with the very friendly and knowledgeable sommelier he will match wine for each plate that you choose and he always gets it spot on. A wine matching journey enhances your experience – and it’s great fun to learn about the different wines that go with each dish.

For those who love their chocolate, the dense chocolate cake with a sprinkling of figs really hits the spot. A decadent dessert that goes especially well with the Recioto della Valpoicella (£19). It’s a truly indulgent and wonderful way to end your meal.

Sartoria is a restaurant which is as close to authentic Italian fare as you are going to get. Although the prices may seem quite high, the quality is outstanding and it’s definitely worth spending the few extra pennies.

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