Tel: +44 (0)20 7722 3194
Address: 83 Regents Park Road, Primrose Hill, London NW1
Cuisine Type: Greek
nearest tube station Chalk Farm (NORTHERN)

In the civilised surroundings of Primrose Hill lie seven superb restaurants, catering for diverse tastes such as Greek, Italian and Russian cuisine. It was to Greece that we travelled on a balmy autumn evening, escaping the nearby tack of the emerging Camden scene for far more agreeable scenery.

Retsina is one of two Greek restaurants almost next door to each other and, from the chillis/olives/carrots opener to the complimentary tray of fruit at the end, the food was wonderful.

Seafood is definitely to be sampled here, with swordfish, sole and kalamari all vying for attention. The grilled Dover sole was full of flavour and melted in the mouth; washed down as it was with retsina, one couldn’t reasonably complain about anything.

For two, our three-course, two-bottles meal came to a shade over £40 – stupendous value for such quality and setting, and the staff are friendly, welcoming and often comedic. A must for afficionados of Greek food, but also for fans of good restaurants generally.