Indian Seasoning

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Address:  84D-86 Lillie Road, Fulham SW6 1TL
Cuisine Type: Indian
roundel St John Bar & Restaurant West Brompton

Just a short walk from West Brompton Station, Indian Seasoning has recently gone through a bit of re-branding, having changed its name from ‘Seasoning’ and with a new chef, the restaurant is putting greater focus on their Indian cuisine.  That said their menu still has some Indian style Chinese dishes on offer.  This spacious modern restaurant/bar has banquette seating running around the walls, well spaced tables and surprisingly comfortable clear Perspex chairs.  Its clean bright decor adds to the feeling of spaciousness and provides comfortable surroundings in which to enjoy your meal.

Pretty soon after arriving at our table, plain and spicy poppadoms arrived, with some of the best accompanying chutneys I’ve tasted, these preceding a range of four starters that we had ordered whilst munching them rather addictively.  Two of the starter dishes we chose were vegetarian: pepper coated mushrooms, which inside their crispy crumb coating had great depth of flavour, were well seasoned with some slight background heat yet not overshadowing the mushroom.  The walnut kebab sheek was delicately seasoned, allowing the walnut to shine through; it also had great texture from minced vegetables and nuts that it comprised.  Fish tikka was moist and flaky, but meaty, tilapia fillet chunks coated with a vibrant tikka marinade that didn’t detract from the fish.  And the boti kebab consisted of tender chunks of lamb that had bold, well balanced spicing with a rich depth of flavour.  These last two, in particular, left the mouth with a good warm tingly glow.

Mains were equally indulgent; tandoori fish (sea bass) that had been nicely spiced before cooking and was again done to perfection, the flesh softly moist and flaky under the crisp skin, the flavour of the fish shining through the spiced exterior.  Chicken kalimirch, Indian Seasoning’s signature dish, gave us hunks of moist and tender chicken breast sitting in their rich and creamy, deeply flavoured, meaty sauce which had some peppery heat.  The rogan josh also had a rich depth to its meaty sauce, together with a great tanginess and some good background heat, supporting the tender chunks of lamb perfectly.  With these we had pindi channa, a vegetarian chick pea dish, a huge flavoured dish despite being ‘just’ veggie, it has a robust ‘meatiness’ and great body, any vegetarian would find it totally satisfying. We also chose the sag paneer, which has Indian Seasoning’s home-made paneer cheese sitting in beautifully spiced and creamy spinach.   Fluffy, light plain rice and an irresistible (in my view anyway) lemon and ginger rice, which I thought complemented the dishes really well, completed the line up.  Well, apart from some lovely light and nicely flavoured garlic nan, of course!

Desserts?  Well yes, of course we did. We chose lovely warm gulab jamun, sitting in a light, but surprisingly, not overly sweet, syrup.  Together with these we had firmi, a light fragrant floral tasting ground rice dish cooked with saffron, which gave a little ‘bite’ and was balanced well by some good roughly chopped nuts.  These two lovely sweetmeats completed our meal perfectly.

With our meal, we had a good Pinot Noir that had nice bright red fruits on the palate and was a lovely wine at £17.50 but was slightly overwhelmed by some of the spicing in the food.  We also tried the house red Siete Soles, a cabernet/merlot mix that had more robust richer forest fruits and at under £15 was a great foil for these lovely dishes – it’s not the house red for no reason.

We enjoyed our meal at Indian seasoning immensely; the beautifully rich and vibrantly flavoured dishes had hardly a trace of oil, were presented attractively and tasted every bit as good as they looked.  Service was courteous, polite and very attentive,  I would absolutely go back and definitely recommend you try it.

Starters at Indian Seasoning are in the £4-£5 range, mains dishes are mostly £7-£8 and vegetarian dishes are all priced at £4.25 and wines start at the £15 mark.

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