El Metro

Tel: +44 (0)20 8748 3132
Address: Metropolitan Arcade, Beadon Road, Hammersmith, London W6 7AA
Cuisine Type: Spanish
nearest tube station Hammersmith (HAMMERSMITH & CITY, DISTRICT, PICCADILLY)

In a completely bizarre setting – “HAMMERSMITH TUBE STATION?” I hear you cry – sits one of London’s best Spanish tapas bars. And it actually is a bar rather than a restaurant, in decor and in service, despite the array of food on offer.

El Metro offers the usuals such as patatas bravas, chorizo and albondigas, all of which appear as sizeable portions for around 3-4 pounds, served in classic tapas dishes. The majority are memorable and not spicily overdone. Warm bread is a treat with melted margerine, as you sip your two-for-one Sex on the Beach or San Miguel whilst watching the world wander by in the Underground station just outside.

The food is the best Spanish I’ve had since… Portugal… and there aren’t just tapas, of course. A full menu includes steaks, excellent and very large salads, wild boar sausages, mussels, chicken and several vegetarian dishes.

A happy hour for drinks lasts for four hours, between 4 and 8, during which time every cocktail you order comes with a companion, gratis.

The service is always with a smile but sometimes rather slow, but the only real drawback (ignoring the location) is the MTV and associated very loud music. London tapas bars would have you believe all Spaniards are deaf…