Le Montjoie


Tel: +33 5 55 77 33 00
Address: 18, avenue Montjoie, 87100 Limoges
Cuisine Type: French

Have you ever met a Chef? Not just a photogenic white-capped fat bloke, but a real chef, one who can actually invent new meanings for the word “gastronomy”. I did and it was a very moving experience. Let me tell you the story: we’re not talking about a fat cat with a four star hotel and his name in all the tourist brochures. We’re talking about a man who struggles to live his passion and to let his customers share his love story with good food.

Samples of his art: soft scallops with lavender cream, gently roasted lamb with traditional Provence herbs. Simply stunning. As soon as customers come into the restaurant, the chef starts a marathon between their table and the kitchen, with such a frenzy that one can wonder whether he’s always so excited with his clients. Advice on wines and courses are warmly given: he explains to you why he chose the local lamb species for his recipes and the name of the cattle breeder he works with. Comparing flowers and spices, he teaches you how to taste the subtle flavours he assorted in his recipes.

The one thing in life he’s really mad about is creating new desserts. After reading this, you may believe this guy is just a weirdo with some kind of skill for cooking. But what I believe is that he composes his own sort of music, more like flavour concerto, his magnum opusdefinitely being his dessert tray. Flower mousses (poppy, jasmine, violet, orchid, bergamot orange), vanilla seed cake with fresh pineapple and lime zabaglione (lovely), liquorice mousse, vanilla seed and saffron mousse (absolutely gorgeous).

Are you still there? I guess you’ve already jumped in the plane down to Limoges…