Le Gril de l’Anneau


Tel: +33 5 55 06 90 06
Address: 87220 Boisseuil, Limoges
Cuisine Type: French

I think there aren’t that many downtown restaurants where you are offered to admire the T-Bone you ordered before it is grilled (before you – of course – in the fireplace). This restaurant is renowned for the exceptional quality of its meat (mainly beef). If you know a bit of French agricultural geography, you may understand why: Limoges’ region is famous for a particular breed of beef called Charolais. This race has a very soft and tasty flesh which ideally suits to refined cooking. Hence it is widely used by chefs and loved by all beef-eaters.

Don’t expect anything spectacular in this restaurant: it’s just the BEST meat around. Also the cook’s wife leads the service and is ready to adapt the size of your meat to the depth of your stomach.

Some nice surprises on the tea and coffee front, generally despised by too many restaurants. Le Gril de l’Anneau offers an impressive choice of coffees from various regions of the world : the features of each stock being extensively commented by the waitress.

So if you’re still tempted these days by a good old T-Bone or an extra large rib (for two people at least), you know the place now.