La Marmite


Tel: +33 5 55 33 38 34
Address: 1, place Fontaine des Barres, 87000 Limoges
Cuisine Type: French

Limoges is a town in the very heart of France, quiet and not very lively for those who don’t know it. But it conceals a large number of “gastronome-friendly” places.

If you’re looking for good food, delicate wines, a relaxing fireplace, la Marmite (literally “cooking pot”) is just the place for you. The staff are very helpful and ready to provide many advice on the menu.

A cuisine of such level would be horribly expensive in Paris, which also means that customers may be very snobbish. There aren’t such problems at La Marmite, where the atmosphere is quiet and rather friendly.

Traditional French cooking is the religion, outstanding quality and taste is the dogma.