Rawalpindi Tandoori

From the moment I stepped through the door of The Rawalpindi Tandoori, I sensed that this restaurant was a class act. The atmosphere, decor, music and very friendly staff were all very welcoming. And the food is quite superb.

I dined alone and started with an excellent Prawn Puri. The bread was light and tasty and the prawns were succulent in a very tasty sauce. Main course was also a fish dish, a fiery Surmoondi consisting of prawn, shrimp and scampi in a very hot but pleasant sauce. Strangely enough, the heat seemed to be generated more by the green chillies rather than the red ones in this dish. Fluffy Pilau rice was also hugely enjoyable.

Music was a mixture of traditional Indian and 70s Love songs, all played at a low, gentle level. Other restaurants please note.

I can’t think of many better ways of winding away an afternoon in Glasgow.